This help document will guide you through the process of creating a sequence sub-record inside a contract summary in the Contract Tracking Module of PEER. Sequences are sub-records which capture data on specific actions on a contract, for example the original agreement, amendment 1, a work order, etc.

To create a new sequence, enter edit mode and then click the blue "New Sequence" button. You'll be presented with a short form as shown below.

Creating a new sequence.

You must first select a sequence type. Choose a type that most appropriately represents the contract action you are capturing with the sequence. Your options are as follows:

Original Contract - the first sequence should be Original Contract...this is the first action
New Contract - if a new contract is signed replacing the existing agreement
Amendment - amendments to the original contract. If you choose amendment you'll be required to include an amendment number
Termination Letter
BAA - HIPAA business associate agreement
MOU - Memorandum of Understanding
LOI - Letter of Intent
CDA - Confidentiality Agreement
Data Use Agreement

The sort order is optional and sets the order in which the sequences appear in the table and can be changed later. Sort notes is a short note about each sequence that also appears in the table and can be changed later.

Once done, click Save.

Your new sequence should appear in the table. But you're not done yet. Click on the sequence ID number to open the sequence details. You should see a screen that looks like the below.

Sequence General Tab

On the general tab you can change the sequence type, amendment number, sort order and sort notes values.

You also have a few additional fields specific to this sequence, such as the dollar value, the cost center number (which may or may not be different from the original summary), a select box indicating whether the sequence is fully executed, and a place to upload the PDF of the fully signed document for this action.

For uploads, you have two choices. The first is a file picker that lets you upload a document from your computer. The second is a select box that lets you choose from documents already uploaded to the Summary Documents tab. This will associate one of the already-uploaded docs as the fully executed document for this sequence.

Sequence Dates Tab

On the dates tab, enter the begin and end dates for the current action. If there is no end date you may leave the end date field blank. The continuous agreement field is read-only and is inherited from the continuous agreement yes/no field on the contract summary dates tab.

Sequence File Info Tab

There are no editable fields on the File Info tab, this shows you simply when the sequence was created, who created it and when it was last altered.

Downloading or Viewing Sequence PDFs directly from the Sequences tab

Now you're done keying a new sequence. Go back to the Contract Summary and go to the Sequences tab again to see the table list of all the sequences for the current contract. You will see a column on the table called Agreement and there are buttons for each sequence.

The cloud button allows you to download the fully executed agreement file directly to your computer without having to open up the sequence details screen. If this docuemnt is a PDF (which it shoudl be since it is supposed to have signatures), the second button will show with the magnifying glass. If you have the Adobe reader extension installed on your web browser, this button allows you to view the contract PDF directly in your browser without having to download it.