This tutorial will show you how to submit an electronic COI certification. The images reference a COI, but the PI Assurance process is identical.

Receive Reminder Email

There are two ways to go about making your certification: 1) Log directly into PEER and initiate your certification from the Home Menu, and 2) Log in via an email link directly to your certification. We'll deal with method #2 here as it is the more common scenario for the majority of faculty. We will assume that you have already received the reminder email, which should look like the one pictured here. Note the login link provided at the bottom of the email. 

Click on Email Link to Navigate to PEER Log In Page

Click on the link at the bottom of the email. This will open your web browser to the PEER log in page. In this case, the link is coded to take you directly to your COI certifiation page after login.

Review and Submit COI Certification

At the COI Certification page, you will notice your details are already filled in. Once you have read through the certification statement, you must pick one of the two options highlighted in red above, and then click "Submit this Certification."

Confirmation Screen and Confirmation Email

Once you have submitted, you will be taken to a confirmation screen. In addition, you will also receive a confirmation email. If you have more COIs to submit, you may click the link that says "Submit a COI Assurance for another project," which will take you to an ordered list of all your outstanding COIs from where you can repeat this process. Once you are finished, please remember to log out using the button on the top right of the screen in the black Navigation Bar. The PI Assurance Process is essentially identical.