How to submit a new request and view status of an existing request

Beginning at the Home Menu

There are two paths to create a new action request, from the Navigation Bar under "Help", click on "Submit a Technical Help Action Request", and on the dashboard, click on "Submit New Reqeust" in the Action Request menu tile.

Choosing an Action Request to Submit

The next screen will ask you to choose a request. Simply click on type of request you wan to create. For this tutorial, we're going to submit a request to Add a Sponsor to Coeus. Go ahead and click on that choice, which is the sixth one down on the list.

Completing the Form

You should now see the Add a Sponsor to Coeus form itself. You will complete the form and then click "submit" on the lower right hand corner. If you chose the wrong request, just choose another from the drop down list at the top of the page. 

Submit Confirmation

After submitting the form, you will receive and on-screen confirmation as well as an email confirmation. 

Checking the status of your request

You can log into PEER at any time to view the status of a pending request. You can also just wait, as the response from central office will be emailed to you as well. To view the status in PEER, from the Home Dashboard, click on View All Requests in the Action Request Tile.

You can now see all the requests you have ever submitted, as well as their status. Filters are present above the table allowing you to sort down the list by type, status, etc. Your view may vary some from that pictured above based on what kind of PEER permissions you have. To view details on a specific request, click on the request # on the far left column. 

The request detail pops up as an overlay on top of the screen. This box shows all the information you submitted in the request, along with the current request status and any comments left by the person who responded to your request.