If you've been following along in our tutorial, we're now on Step 5 of the Contract Submission form. Back on Step 3 of the form--the questionairre--you were asked if there would be any outgoing subcontracts under this contract. If you said yes, Step 5 will present you with an "Add Subcontract" button. If you said no, you'll simply be asked to continue on to Step 6. If you want to change your answer to the subcontracts question, just navigate back to Step 3, make the change, and then Save & Continue. 

Creating a new Subcontract Entry

Let's go ahead and add a subcontract to this submission. Clicking on the Add Subcontract button will bring up an overlay window that looks alot like the Sponsor/Other Party form on Step 2. Fill out this form in the same manner, entering the information for the subcontractor. Everything but the address is required. 

Completing Subcontract Form

Uploading a File

If you have a draft subcontract already, then click the checkbox at the bottom of the form. You will then be presented with a file selection box so that you can locate the subcontract file on your computer. Once you select the file, it will be automatically uploaded.

Subcontract Form Completion

Once you have finished entering all your information, click on "Save". The window will close and the main Step 5 page will update with your new subcontract information. You can add as many subconracts as you need here. You may also edit using the pencil icon, and delete any entries as well.


That concludes Part 4 of this tutorial. Part 5 will cover uploading attachments. In Part 5 we'll cover uploading attachments.