In this section of the contracts request tutorial, we'll add comments to be included in the request. On every step page, at the bottom right you'll see a dark grey "comments log". Click on the "view" button to open the log.

The Add Comment button

To add a comment, just click on the Add Comment button, and you will be presented with a text form window. Just type in your message and click the "Save" button. The Step 7 page will update with your comment.

The comments log

Here's the expanded comments log. There's a hide button at the bottom right should you wish to close the log at any time. Note 1) the existing comments area, 2) the new comment text box, and 3) the save button.To create a new comment, simply type in the new comment text area (2) and then click save (3). Go ahead and type a comment in now and save.

Completed comment

Our comment has now been saved. The comment count has increased to 1.


Congratulations. You've now completed all the data-entry steps in the contract submission. In Part 7 of the tutorial, we'll complete Step 8, is where we'll validate the submission and then send to GCM.