This is a continuation of Submitting a Proposal Log: Part 1, where Subaward has been selected as a work type. Follow the steps below to learn how to complete this submission. The form is split into two steps, or page. 

Next Steps for your Subaward Log

Once you have submitted the log, you have the option to view what you have just entered ("Proceed to View this Item's Details"), submit another item, or view all your submissions. Let's view the item details, so click on the first link as circled above.

Creating a Linked Contract Submission

You are essentially done with the Subaward log, for now. The next step will happen at or just before the grant award is made by the Sponsor. 

The next step will be to create a Contract Submission in PEER so that the VUMC Office of Contracts Management (OCM) knows to begin working on the subcontract. This can be done prior to award but GCM recommends it be done at the time of award or immediately before the award is made.

Click on "View/Create Contracts from this Grant" as indicated by the red arrow above. This will take you to the Contract Submission generation screen.

Then you'll do one of two possible actions:

1) Link Exisiting: If you have already created a PEER Contract Submission for this subaward, you will need to link it to the subaward grants log so that OCM knows that the two are related. Do this by clicking on "Link Existing," which will open up a select list. PEER will attempt to match Contract submissions with the PI and Title of the subaward log. Click on the "+" sign to choose a contract submission, and PEER will automatically update the screen to look like the below image.


2) Create New: If you have NOT already created a PEER Contract Submission, click "Create New." This will automatically make a new "draft" contract submission and import over information from the subaward log. . YOu will still need to go into the contract submission and complete it and then submit it for review so that OCM can set up a new contract file and begin negotiations with the Prime.

Linked Contract Submission

To view the contract submission (and complete & submit it), click on the submission ID number noted above. If for some reason the wrong contract submission has been linked, you may request breakage of the link by clicking the "Remove" button in the far right column.

Completing the Contract Submission

For details about creating and submitting a contract through PEER, please see the multi-part tutorial on Submitting a Contract. The final step to the Subaward grants log is to finish the contract submission and "submit" it to OCM.