This is a continuation of Submitting a Proposal Log: Part 1, where Grant Application has been selected as a work type. Follow the steps below to learn how to complete this submission. The form is split into two steps, or page. 

Next steps for your Grant App log

Once you have submitted the log, there are some final things you need to do in order to complete it. Follow the link as shown above. This will take you to the "Item View" for the log you just submitted. 

Additional steps: See next step below for additional things you may need to do in the log before GCM can review your proposal...

The Item view page and Next Steps

Depending on what information you included in the log form, you may need to add additional comments and attachments to the finished log.

1) Attachments: Click on "Attachments" to upload any relevant items OSP will need to complete review

2) Comments: OSP may correspond with you using the comments log. Comments from OSP will be emailed to you as well as logged here.

3) COIs and PI Assurance: Once you are certain that the project Title in PEER is the final title, you need to send reminder emails to the KSPs so that they can log in and complete their COIs and in the case of the PI his/her PI Assurance as well.

4) Subrecipients: These are the performance sites that were imported from Coeus. If you need to add any additional sites, go back and add them in Coeus to your proposal, and then return to this screen. PEER will run another import and bring in any new sites automatically. After this proposal is reviewed and the log is locked by OSP (e.g. the grant is awarded), you can come back to this log to add an "Add-On" subrecipient. 

Follow the Steps below for illustrations of each of the four above items.

Adding Attachments

On the "Attachments" tab, click on "Upload a File" to add a new file. This will open a file selection form. Simply choose the file from your computer, enter an optional description, and then click the upload button. Once you are done uploading files, click the "close" link or hit the Esc key to close the upload box. Your Attachmetns tab should then update and look like the above.

Adding Comments

To add a comment to the log, simply click the button as shown. A comment form will appear. Type your comment and click "Save."

Sending COI and/or PI Assurance reminder emails to KSPs

To send the reminders, go to either the "COIs" or "PI Assurances" tab. You can either send reminders individually to each KSP, or, by checking the boxes on the left as shown above and then clicking the "send reminders" button, you can send one reminder email to all KSPs at the same time.

Adding Subrecipient Info

While the proposal log is in review (any status other than "Completed"), you may not add new subrecipeints directly to the log. To add a new subrecipient, return to your Coeus Proposal and add the subrecipient as an "Other Organization". Then return to this screen on your proposal log and PEER will automatically import the other organizations. 

Editing Subrecipient Info

After entering your Other Organizations in Coeus, your subrecipients tab should be populated like the above example. This is all you need to do on subrecipients. However, any information you enter here is automatically exported to the contract submission later, so you may optionally edit each sub to add contact details and attachments. If you do not add these details now, you can add them directly to the draft contract submission later. To edit, simply click on the pencil icon.

Editing Subrecipient Info

Fill out and Save the form. Note that the subrecipient name must match the drop down list of organizations. You can include three attachments here. Contracts will need the contact person's name and contact details for the other institution. What we're looking for here is who would we contact to negotiate the contract with. We'll also need some attachments: Scope of work for the subrecipient, subcontract budget. Again, these additions are optional, you will have the opportunity to add them directly to the contract submission later.


Finished Editing a Subrecipient

On save, the form will close and the Prime Info tab should look something like the above. If you don't have your Prime contact info when you create the log, you can always go back in and add it later. Click the "Add Subcontract" button again to add another subcontractor record.

Creating a Linked Contract Submission

If you have added subrecipients that will become outgoing subcontracts off this grant, you have one more step to complete.  When the grant award is pending, you will need to create contract submissions for each of these, so that OCM Contracts can set up the subcontract files and negotiate with the subcontractors.

This can be done prior to award but we recommend it be done at the time of award or immediately before the award is made.

To submit the subrecipients to contracts: 

Click on "View/Create Contracts from this Grant" as indicated by the red arrow above. 

Then you'll do one of three possible actions:

1) Submit Subcontracts: Clicking this button will create a contract submission for each of the subrecipients listed on the "List Subrecpients" screen. This does NOT mean the subcontracts are submitted, but rather drafts will be created that you will need to complete and submit to the contracts office. If you come back and add subrecipeints later, you may re-use this button. Previously sent subreciepients will not be re-sent, so you don't have to worry about accidentally making duplicates. 

2) Add Subrecipients: This button is simply a link back to the "Subrecipients" screen so that you may enter more subrecipients. If the Grant Application log in PEER has been locked by OSP, any additional subrecipients will be flagged as Add-Ons and will require OSP approval.

3) Link Exisiting: If you have already created a PEER Contract Submission that goes with this Grant, you will need to link it to the the Grant App log so that the contracts office knows that the two are related. Do this by clicking on "Link Existing," which will open up a select list. PEER will attempt to match Contract submissions with the PI and Title of the Grant App log. Click on the "+" sign to choose a contract submission, and PEER will automatically update the screen to look like the below image.

Linked Contract Submission

To view the contract submission (and complete & submit it), click on the Submission ID link in the far left column. If for some reason the wrong contract submission has been linked, you may request a link be broken by clicking the "Remove" button in the far right column.

For Grant Application logs, PEER will generate one contract submission for each subrecipient. 

Completing the Contract Submission

For details about creating and submitting a contract through PEER, please see the multi-part tutorial Submit a Contract to OCM.