This guide will walk you through the PEER portions of the process for requesting a Sponsored Billing agreement for incoming money. Billing Agreements are desgined to capture money for collaboration between VU and VUMC when the collaborator is not a substantial contributor to the project. More information about Billing Agreements can be found on the OCM website:

This guide assumes you have already created a Coeus proposal for an Incoming Billing Agreement with the correct Coeus Anticipated Award type of "Grant - Billing Agreement". After noting the Coeus proposal number, log into PEER.

Step 1

Once you are logged in, from the Home Dashboard, click on the Grants, Proposals & Awards tile.

From the Grants Department Dashboard, click on Log a Coeus Proposal

This is the proposal log input form. Begin by putting in your Coeus proposal number (including the "M" if your number has one) into the field (1) above. Then click (2) the Import from Coeus button.

If PEER finds your proposal in Coeus, it will pre-populate the form for you. If you have not created the Coeus proposal yet, nothing will be imported. Note in (1) above that PEER knows from Coeus that this is a Billing Agreemment. 

Fill out any additional information and/or uploads and then click Submit. You will be taken to a confirmation page.

From this page, click on the link "Proceed to View this Item's Details"

You are viewing the the submitted proposal log. Note the "G" number in the top left. This is your PEER log number.

Next, OSP will review your proposal, which will be marked complete once their review is done. 

Note (1) PEER has marked this as a Billing Agreement, and (2) VU is listed as the sponsor.

Once you have collected any applicable COI and PI assurances for VUMC personnel, click on (3) View/Create Contracts from this Grant.

To begin your OCM contract request for a billing agreement, click the button "Create new Contract Request". 

Note the new Draft contract request, C23901. It is up to you to go into this request, complete it, and then submit it. Only after it has been submitted will OCM draft and circulate the billing agreemet for signature. Click on the C# link to enter the contract request.

Note above on Step 1 of the Contract Request, PEER knows this is a billing agreement. Click the Help button to get more information on billing agreements. 

That concludes this section of the guide. For help completing the contract request, go to the lesson Submit a Contract to OCM, Part 1.