This tutorial will walk you through submission of a Grants Effort Change Request.

Reveal the Award Management Menu

From the home dashboard, click on the Grants, Proposals & Awards tile.

Select "Effort Change Request"

From the Grants Department Dashboard, click on "Effort Change Request"

Top half of the form

The top part of the form is fairly self-explanatory. 

Coeus Proposal Number - This is mandatory. Once you enter the number, click on "Import from Coeus" and the project Title, PI, and Unit will auto-populate.
Key Person - The name of the person who's effort is being changed
PI - The PI on this grant if not the same as the Key Person.
Sponsor - The sponsor of the grant
Project Title
Sponsor Award Number - Provide the grant number and year
Unit - The department the grant belongs to
Department Owner/Admin - You will be automatically entered as the first contact. The second is optional.

Bottom half of form

Type in the original effort amount as shown above, and then the new effort we are changing to. The % change will calculate for you.

You may upload up to three documents here, only one is required. Finally, include the justification and then click the submit button.


You will receive an email confirmation as well as the on-screen confirmation.