This guide will walk you through submitting a PI Change Request to Central Office. Once your request has been submitted, you will need to ensure the new PI completes the attached PI Assurance and (if applicable) the COI as well. Once the request is submitted, it will go to your OSP specialist for review and he/she will approve once agency approval has been received. You will receive an email notification of the OSP approval.

Step 1: Choose Grants, Proposals and Awards from the Home Dashboard

Click on the Grants, Proposals & Awards Tile.

Select PI Change Request

From the Grants Dashboard, click on PI Change Request

Step 2: Fill out the request form and submit

This works like all the other requests in PEER. 

(1) Begin by keying the Coeus Proposal Developmet number for the project the PI changes affects. Then click "import from Coeus".  
(2) Unlike the other requests, the PI will not fill from Coeus. This is where you will select the name of the New PI. This name will get a PI Assurance and a COI attached to the request.
(3) Include the agency grant number
(4) Grant year
(5) Date the PI change takes effect
(6) Date that the change request is due to the sponsor agency
(7) You must upload a letter to the agency, signed by the original PI, requesting the change. You may also attach the Biosketch for the new PI and the Other Support for the new PI, although all three of these can be merged into a single attachment if preferred.
(8) Provide any additional detail OSP may need to conduct the review of your request

Finally, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Navigate to your request

After submitting, a new blank form loads in case you want to submit another request. At the top click on the "Proceed to view this item's details" link, which will take you to the request you just created.

Step 4: Collecting the PI Assurance and COI

The New PI will need to complete a PI Assurance and, if the sponsor requires, a COI. Go to the compliance tabs and send reminders just as you would when logging a new Coeus Proposal into PEER. These two certifications will need to be complete before OSP can approve your request.

Step 5: Approval by OSP

Your OSP Specialist will request approval from the agency/sponsor of the PI change. Once this approval has been received, and the COI and PI Assurance have been completed by the New PI, the Specialist will approve your PEER request. You will receive email confirmation of this approval.