This tutorial demonstrates the process of submitting a request to Bypass approvals for a Proposal in Coeus Premium.

Main Menu

A "Bypass Request" is done by first going to the Grant App log for the proposal you are wanting central office to submit.

On the main menu, click on the Grants, Proposals & Awards tile.

Grants Dashboard

On the Grants Dashboard, from the grey menubar click on View All Items.

Find The Grant App Log for the Proposal you want us to Submit

Using the search tools, search by Coeus Proposal Number, PI, Title, etc. (whatever method is best for you to find the log you need). 

Once you've found the log, click the Item # to view that log.

Start the Submit Request

Assuming you're in the right proposal log, click on "Request Coeus Bypass". This will take you to the Request form and Pre-fill the project information for you.

Import Proposal from Coeus

As you can see, assuming you have a valid coeus proposal number, the form will pre-fill. If your proposal has a Coeus status of "submitted", you will not be allowed to proceed with this request. If this is a change-corrected proposal, answer the second field question "yes" and you will be permitted to include a second proposal number (for the change corrected proposal) and you will then be allowed to submit the form per normal.

Submitting for a Change-Corrected proposal

As you can see above, the original proposal has already been submitted. So we answer the question about change-corrected "Yes" and a second proposal number field appears. Fill in this proposal number and, assuming this proposal has not also been submitted, you will be permitted to continue with the form.

Complete and Submit

Use the "+" Icon to name each unit you wish to have bypassed. Then include a justification.


The request is logged as a PEER Action Request.