Proposal-Contract Links

Coeus Proposals are “logged” in PEER using the Proposal Development number.  A Proposal Log is a type of Grants Item, which begin with a “G” prefix.

A Coeus Dev Proposal (aka Proposal Development) must be created FIRST, and then the PEER log is created using the Coeus # to import metadata and key study personnel.

Proposal Logs can be of three types, depending on the nature of the proposal:

1.   Grant Application.  This is a proposal where VUMC is the direct recipient of federal funds

Grant applications can be linked to multiple contract requests (or multiple contract requests can be linked to a Grant         Application log).  These requests must be OUTGOING funds, because the Grant represents the incoming funds. Therefore any contracts off of it represent subcontracts to other institutions.

E.g. VUMC submits proposal to NIH.  We get funded.  We subcontract out to UT-Knoxville and Memphis.  Each contract request will be outgoing funds with the other school as the Sub organization and NIH as sponsor.

2.  Subaward.  This is a proposal where another institution is subcontracting part of their award to VUMC. 

Subaward Logs can only be linked to ONE contract request, and the request must be Incoming.  The contract is the mechanism by which the money is transferred from the Sponsor (the other institution) to VUMC.  In this case there would also be a Prime Sponsor, which is the awarding agency that gave money to the Sponsor.

E.g. Johns Hopkins gets an award from NIH, Johns Hopkins than subcontracts to VUMC.  Contract request will be incoming funds with Johns Hopkins as Sponsor and NIH as Prime.

3.  Federal-Bid (aka Federal Contract).  This is sort of a hybrid.  

A federal bid is like a Grant Application in that we are applying directly to the agency for funding.  But instead of a Grant as the funding mechanism (which doesn’t require a contract be signed), the mechanism is a contract.  So in this case even though we’re getting money directly from the funding agency, we have to execute a contract.  So there should be one linked contract request for incoming funds.  Federal contracts can also have outgoing subs, so there can be multiple outgoing contract requests too.


A contract request for incoming money can only be linked to: Proposals that are Subawards (VUMC not the prime) or Federal Bids (VUMC is the Prime).

A contract request for outgoing money can only be linked to: Proposals that are Grant Applications (VUMC is the Prime).