This tutorial walks through submitting a Contract Request to VUMC Sourcing through PEER.

What is a Sourcing Contract Request?

VUMC Sourcing handles contract negotiation for Procurement Services, which includes any purchase of goods or services by VUMC (i.e. VUMC is the customer). Sourcing contract requests are essentially "tickets" you submit to the sourcing office requesting us to create/negotiate/sign/house an agreement for you.

Log Into PEER


First we need to log into PEER. This tutorial assumes you have already found the PEER login screen and that you have previously logged into PEER and have a valid user profile. If this is your first time logging in, go back and read the "Logging In for the First Time" tutorial before beginning this process.

Log into PEER using your VUnetID and e-password. This is the same password you would use to access your email online or to log into your computer each day.

The Main Menu

After logging in you will be brought to the home dashboard. One of the boxes on this screen will be titled "Supply Chain Contracts Portal". Inside the box there is a link to "Create New Request". This is one method for starting a new request.

The Contracts Menu

Alternatively, click on "Contracts" in the top menu bar. In the drop down menu that appears, you will notice different columns. Under the "Supply Chain (Sourcing/Procurement)" column there is a link to "Create a Request".

Create a New Sourcing Contract Request

Use one of the two options shown above to access the request form:

  1. From the home dashboard click "Create New Request" inside the Supply Chain box
  2. From the Contracts menu at the top of the page, click "Create a Request" under the Supply Chain column

Both of these options will take you to the sourcing request form where you can enter the information required to start a new sourcing contract request.

Completing the Sourcing Contract Request

The request form includes the key fields that VUMC Sourcing requires to being work on a contract request. Complete the form using the information specific to your request, upload any relevant documents, and save and/or submit the request.

The request form is separated into 5 separate tabs(General Information, Supplier Information, Contract Information, Attachments, and Submit request).

The General Information tab for the Sourcing Request is where you must start the form, you won't be able to access the rest of the form/tabs until you click on the Save and Continue button(Shown Above). 

Once you press the Save and Continue Button on the General Tab you will be taken to the Supplier Information tab. On this tab(See Above photo). you will see that your request has now been saved to a Sourcing Request # and currently in Draft Status. Once saved for the first time you will be able to track the status changes of your request by clicking on the Status History Button, found at the Top right of the Request. At this junction, you can either fill out Supplier information or you can navigate to another tab through the Navigation menu found on the Left of the Request.

This tab holds all the fields regarding the Contract itself. There are fields on this page that only show based on other answers on other tabs so please be aware of this. Like all the above tabs, to save your answered fields, click on the Save and Continue button.

This tab is where you will submit any documents involved in this Sourcing request. Once you are done with this tab and you have the previous tabs filled out you will be ready for Validation and Submission, which can be found on the Submit request tab.

Submitting the Request

When the form is complete, you can submit the request to VUMC Sourcing by continuing to the Submit Request Tab(See Above). Before you can submit the request, the request must go through Validation. Click on the Validate Request button to do so. 

If any fields are missing or if the entered information isn't matching the requirements of the form. a list of missing required fields will be created and colored red.  Make changes based on what is said on the list. Each line will also tell you which tab you will find the field. If you make the changes on a separate page you may just press Refresh Validation but if you are using the same page then you will just start the validation over.

Once the Request passes Validation you will see the view above. At this point your Request is ready for submission. You can do so by clicking on the Submit button.

When the request is submitted, you will receive a confirmation message that you request has been submitted. The VUMC Sourcing team will review your request and either accept it or send it back with comments. An email will to the submitter of the request when the status changes.

Accessing a Saved Draft

From the Home dashboard, there is a link titled "View My Requests" in the box titled "Supply Chain Contracts Portals". From here you can see all of your requests. Be sure the filter under the Status column is set to "Draft" and then click on the search button. From the list, you can see any draft requests. Open the desired request by clicking on it's request number.