PEER to Center Management

Departments can now use Center Management for research-related contracts being negotiated by the Office of Contracts Management (OCM). Historically, OCM identified research contracts to appear in Coeus when they are fully executed. For such contracts, a center request can now be processed as soon as a VUMC number has been assigned by OCM. Grants and federal contracts will continue to be routed in Coeus and are already available to Center Management as soon as the proposal finishes routing.

NOTE: This process covers contracts that did NOT start out with a Coeus Proposal.  For contracts that did originate from a Proposal, the below process does not apply because Coeus is already the mechanism to communicate to Center Management.


Log into PEER and input the VUMC #associated with your contract:

Select the $Center Managementmenu option:

Select the Submit to Center Management button:

The Submit to Center Management button will start an overnight process that creates an institute proposal record in Coeus.

The next day, you can go to Center Management and request your center by searching by PI:

Select the appropriate proposal, provide the backup (contract, 1275, NOA, etc.), and fill the necessary data fields.

If you have trouble finding the appropriate proposal, please contact CoeusHelp. Further improvements to this process are expecte