With recent revisions to the Equipment Request form in PEER, it is now possible to link multiple grant projects to a single request.  

Finding an Equipment Request associated to a linked grant (meaning a grant other than the primary one on the request) has previously been difficult.  With the changes now implemented, it is now possible to find an Equipment Request by searching with one of the linked grants.

For the below example, we will use fictional Equipment Request G36364. First, let's go to the "All Grants Items Page by clicking on "Grants" in the menubar and clicking "All Items":

The primary grant for this equipment request is Coeus Proposal Development # M0047939 for PI Durward Moon.  You can see these details below:

If we open up G36364, we can see a second grant, a Dr. Crowe study, has been added to this request, with a Coeus Proposal Development Number of M005054.  If we go back out to the main search screen we can find Equipment request G36364 by searching with proposal # M005054.

Back on the All Items page, we can search for this equipment request by entering M0050055 in the Coeus IDs field and selecting Equipment Request from the work type selector.  IMPORTANT: If you do not select Equipment Request as the work type, PEER will not search for linked grants that match the Coeus ID you searched with.