NOTICE: This feature is ONLY available to Office of Contracts Management and Supply Chain Sourcing.  You would route your contract for processing by one of those offices and then they would use the ESR tool to submit for D3300 signature as appropriate.

Getting Started

PEER's D-3300 Signature Requests module can be used to create and manage Executive Sgnature Requests (ESRs) for VUMC senior executives. To begin a new ESR or access an existing ESRs, click within the ESR module on the PEER dashboard.

ESR Actions

When creating your ESR, you have two actions: Save and Submit. Before submission, you can save your ESR changes at anytime. When you have made a change to your ESR form, the Save button will illuminate to remind you that new changes need to be saved.

Filling out fields with the Find Button

In order to fill out some fields such as Requester, Internal Business Unit, and Internal Business Owner, click the "Find" button and select the appropriate selection. 

Managing Approval Files

Depending upon what is selected for some Yes/No questions, if approvals are applicable then you may be required to upload approval emails in PDF format. To do so, select "Choose File" and browse to the PDF to upload. After uploading, if you need to replace the PDF, simply upload a new one in its place.

You may also upload any supplemental documents at the bottom in the File Uploads section.

The ESR Lifecycle

Once your ESR is ready for review, click the Submit button. Do not click Submit until it is ready for review, as you will not be able to make changes to it after submitting.

After submission, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that your ESR has been submitted. It will then go into a review queue, and you will get new e-mail feedback after the ESR has been reviewed. The ESR may go into one of the following states: Revision Requested, Rejected, or In Process.** If a revision is requested, the ESR will return to a Draft state where you can make changes and re-submit. If the ESR is rejected, it can no longer be edited. If the ESR is In Process, then review will begin for completing the executive signature process. You will be notified via e-mail when the ESR has entered a "Complete" state, at which point you can log into PEER, go to your ESR and download the signed document from the top of the ESR input form.

** if you ESR is for a contract, and has outstanding e-approvals, it will go into Queued status, and will be automatically submitted once the final approval is received.